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●Bio wax is safe & security

Bee*na crayons includes bee-wax mainly (40%) and the other high secured raw materials. Child can use safely.
【Raw materials】
・ bee-wax: Bees make their nidus, meanwhile the bee-wax is produced. It's approved as edible use.
・carnauba wax: This is succused by a leaf of Copernicia cerifera. This natural wax is used as a cosmetic items.
・edible oil

●Comfortable painting and artistic coloring

Featuring smooth comfortable painting touch and applying the color of pigment itself in order to artistic coloring.


●Not sticky, less dust, stain resistance

The paint feeling is not sticky, less dust, stain resistance due to not using the petroleum products. Usually there is a oil smell in general crayon, however Bee*na crayon has mild aroma without oil smell.



●Japanese craftsmen made Bee*na crayons one by one carefully.

The craftsmen at Japanese old established atelier "Toichi-Bungu" made Bee*na crayons with considering for coloring, comfortable painting, strength based on" World quality". They made carefully one by one by using manual mold through long time.


●Many colors in this world!

Folowrs, land, sea, sky・・・there are many colors in our living world. When we watch carefully, we can find a lot of colors which are mixed by really varied of colors. Crayons provide us many ways for painting. We can draw with reduced shade, not only painting the colors but expressing strong & week, overpainting, triming from overpainting colors. Bee*na crayons are made by the gifts from nature. We hope that Bee*na crayons could bring pleasure to not only childredn but grown-up people "Many colors in this world" through painting for just feeling, painting with someone and investigation the colors.


beena*crayon MOVIE (Music by Gallefort) 

color wood(crayon) MOVIE (Music by Gallefort) 


Bee*na's passion

Bees are irreplaceable form of life for both nature and human beings.They flit from flower to flower and lay an enchantment of rewarding life.“Bee*na”, the honey bee wishes the future world of our children will remain as fruitful as they are today.